The Packing Panic…2 days until Europe

If you are like us, it just hit you that in two days we leave for 14 days in the European Union. Because we both went home for Christmas, packing plans turned into throwing random items we might want to take into a suitcase and then realizing today that we had to have a plan with that situation. It looked like this:

Packing Disaster

*Disclaimer there are still shirts drying in my laundry room that I fully intend to pack.

The final total on the checked luggage weighed in at 44.6 pounds, the carry on might rival that. Be sure in your carry on that you have: your passport, camera, chargers, toothbrush, medications, money (cash and card), and your sense of adventure!

Because we will be celebrating at the airport all day on New Years Eve, we recommend something to do: coloring books, card games, books, magazines, movies, or preparing for school work (which is our big plans).

In case you have not flown on long flights before: wear comfortable warm clothes and bring your chargers on the plane as it will most likely have a place to plug in your electronics. We also recommend ear plugs or ear buds in case you get seated next to the annoying talker…Bridesmaid Plane Incident

You will certainly want to sleep while on the plane because our schedule right now is basically: 12/31- 3am leave Cape, 7am leave St. Louis, 4pm leave Chicago, arrive on 1/1 at 5:15am in DUBLIN! We will then clear customs, board the bus, travel across the country to our first stop, and then overnight in Galway. You also probably want your jacket in your carry on so you do not need to access your luggage before the tour.


Our first blog post in Ireland will be a group effort so that everyone can learn how to utilize the WordPress site. After that be expecting to hear from groups of two as we travel through the countryside. Please post feedback, follow the department Facebook and Instagram, and be sure that this is shared with all family and friends that would be interested in our travels or the department as this trip is just jump starting the department blog.

We can’t wait to see you at the airport! As soon as we finish packing 🙂

Dr. Weathers and Ms. Lowman



3 thoughts on “The Packing Panic…2 days until Europe

  1. ellentmeyer says:

    I hope you are up and away on the plane to adventure in Europe! Even though you are filled wth nervous excitement, try to get some sleep while in the air cause you’re going to need to be rested when you land in Ireland. Love you Katie Baldwin!


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