Traveling Abroad-The Takeoff

Most of us have never had the experience of traveling abroad. As we embark on the adventure of a lifetime, we encountered all sorts of new things, such as first plane rides, new foods, new people and learning to share your personal space. 

Traveling from St. Louis to Chicago-O’Hare, our plane was one of the smallest some of us have seen, but on the bright side our flight time was 45 minutes with no turbulence. 

The real story begins in Chicago… Once landing we had to completely switch terminals by riding the tram, and overall took about 30 minutes once we figured out where we were going. Once we found our terminal we all settled down at our gate, checked our watches and realized we still had 8 hours to kill before our plane departed. Some of us did not have as long of a wait; they arrived from other flights and met up with us in Chicago later on. 

Killing time in M5 gate to Dublin, we slept, read books, and played a crude game of cards against humanity. As time was approaching to board our flight, everyone had butterflies because our dreams were coming true. After getting in line and finding our seats on the biggest plane we’ve seen, we all fastened our seat belts and prepared for the time of our lives.  



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