O’Leary Dairy

Day 4 of our trip and we toured the O’Leary dairy farm. Tim O’Leary is a third generation dairy farmer on his farm. He was very knowledgable and informative. He stated that for the most part he operates his farm on as little labor as possible, with as few people as just him and his dog.DSCN0840

Interestingly enough this was the only farm that we have toured so far that uses dogs. This particular dogs name was Speedy and he was very loveble (just a fun fact). Anyway, there are a total of 264 livestock animals on the O’Leary farm. 140 of which are dairy cows. DSCN0845

In 2015 the farm produced 560,000 liters of milk. for the production of the that quantity of milk they utilized 98 hectares of land. The grass on those 98 hectares are what feed the cattle. I have noticed that the Irish take there grass seriously, something that we in america don’t normally pay a whole lot of attention to.DSCN0850

Tim did mention that he milks his cattle twice a day and that he can milk 140 head of cattle in about an hour. every other day the O’Leary farms milk is collected and sold to the Dairygold Co-op. though what was probably the most important thing Tim wanted us to take from our tour is that “Out-put is not the road to profit, margin is”.



One thought on “O’Leary Dairy

  1. Mary Thompson says:

    So glad you guys are sharing all of this information. It is absolutely AMAZING!!! I have read every one of the posts.

    Be safe & have fun.

    I LOVE seeing what you guys are doing via the blog! Keep it up!


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