Jameson Irish Whiskey

Our midday stop today was the Jameson distillery. Being the young college kids that we are this stuck out to many of us when learning what we would be doing over here in Ireland. I do not believe any of us were disappointed with this tour!

Jameson is made of 4 ingredients. Barley, malted barley, corn, and water. Jameson is different from Scottish whiskey and American whiskey because it is distilled not one, not two, but three times! After being distilled the three times it is considered a “new spirit.” It is not until the “new spirit” has been aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years for it to be considered Irish whiskey. Jameson stores its whiskey for 6 years. The charred wooden barrels are called casks and come from 2 very different parts of the world. Some casks can come from Spain where as many others come from the Missouri Ozarks! The wood from Missouri is then shipped to Kentucky where it is made into casks and charred. This bit of information really stood out to us because when drinking one of the most recognized names when it comes to Irish liquor, it has roots to some of us more than 6 time zones away!

8 very lucky volunteers were able to do a taste testing. There were 3 samples in front of us. A Scottish whiskey, an American whiskey (Jack Daniels), and Jameson Irish whisky. Sampling Jameson first, it was very smooth and flavorful but not too much. The Scotish whiskey being second, the taste of the smoke and the wood was definitely overbearing to enjoy the flavor. Lastly, Jack Daniels American whiskey ,which many of us have had a little or way too much before, was in between when it came to flavors. Those that did the taste testing were honored with official documentation certifying that we have been inducted as honorary Irish Whiskey Taster at the Old Middleton Distillery by Brian Nation Head Distiller Jameson Irish Whiskey.



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