Seine River Cruise!


The mood for the evening was set as soon as we stepped out of the Metro entrance. It had just struck 7 p.m. So the Eiffel Tower lights were sparkling, it was mesmerizing. The Seine (pronounced “sane”) river cruise was one of the last stops on our two week study through the UK. Bateaux-Mouches was the company that led us down the river in one of their 15 boats that comprised their fleet of specially designed glass and light boats made specifically for an optimal experience to view all of Paris. The company began in 1949 by Jean Brunel who wanted everybody to experience Paris in a completely new and exciting way. The boat that we were aboard was named Le Jean Sebastien Mouche. Upon entering the boat, the atmosphere was inviting and warm. The whole boat was a five star dining room with glass encompassing every side. A staircase led out to the upper deck which was open to the beautiful night sky and ambiance of the Paris night lights. Throughout the 5-course meal, several bottles of champaign and wine, and live music, we were able to catch a glimpse of some of the most spectacular pieces of architecture and history that makes Paris so famous. We were able to see examples of the country’s historical landmarks such as Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Palace of Justice.

Our meal consisted of mostly traditional French food. We started with hors d’oeuvre including an escargot(even Katie tried it) or mushroom and carrot dish. The starter course was a bloc of foie gras, balsamic vinegar reduction and the vegetarian option of a cream of fresh mushroom soup. The main course was slow-roast veal loin and penne gratin, the vegetarian dish was unidentifiable…even after at least 6 people tried it…after further investigation the dish was actually creamed artichoke, pumpkin flowers and piquillos peppers in a warm en gelee, cubes of tofu. Before dessert we were served a hard and soft cheese. For dessert we had an interesting pear and chocolate savarin in sorbet. Of course the traditional coffee and tea was served during dessert. Although most of the food was not something we were exactly used to, the majority of us at least tried it all.image

We had a fantastic dinner together and adventure back to our hotel. It was easily one of the best nights we had together on this glorious trip.


#swedecoatGeoff #Mr.andMrs.swedecoatGeoffMyers


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