Growing Our Farm From Nothing!

Once upon a time, at college located in Southeast Missouri met two lovely Agribusiness majors. Although they came from two different fields they seemed destined to be together! They combined forces to create the best crop and livestock producing fmikearm the world had ever seen. Ha! If only that was how easy it truly was. Between the two of us we have three jobs, one full class load, one car payment, and two hopeful hearts for this amazing agriculture structured life we dream of. We decided back in December of 2015 that we wanted to see what it would take to start up our own farm once I graduate in December of 2017, shortly after did we found out that what we thought we wanted would be more of a headache than anything! We first started looking into farm land using websites such as and .Of course both being from Missouri we decided to look into farms around Missouri. That didn’t last long since we both realized very quickly that we could never afford these prices. With our heads circling the idea of dropping our dreams we finally decided to look at more place before completely giving up, North Carolina. We had decided on North Carolina since we were going to head out there to visit family in the not too far future. We were amazed! Land was so cheap! Not only was it cheap but most of it was either good soil cover up by trees that just needed to be logged or it was already being leased out to a local farmer! We were so excited that when we visited in March of 2016 that we just had to go look at some prosperities that defiantly drew our interest! When we had finFARMally looked at the land and feel in love with North Carolina we did the only next step we knew to take and that was start talking to banks. We were lucky that in the next town we came along to where there was a bank that helped lay out our steps to being in the ideal position to buy this land. They were even so helpful to help us make a plan to be in the ideal position in the time frame we felt comfortable with! Although we still have a lot to do to get this farm running just having the basics down now will help us as we grow our farm up from nothing!

Author: Kasie Krupski


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