Reptiles within the world – Nathan Adamson

This blog will highlight different types of reptiles from slithering creatures to four legged vegetarians.  The Uromastyx can be referred to by several different names such as dabb lizard, spiny tail lizards and others.  Many species are within this group of reptiles which include mali, Egyptian and ornate uromastyx just to name a few.  These lizards range from Africa to the Middle East, and can be easily recognized by the spikey tail.  While they are primarily herbivores small insects may also beone the diet for these lizards.  These Heat is what these guys like, and are very common within the pet trade due to easy care level they require.  Breeding for these guys can be quite the challenge and with much to learn. If you are interested in taking care of one of these little guys reptiles magazine has a good article that covers these critters.






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