Sea World Banning Shamu

Breonne Johnson

                 As of March 17, Sea World has decided to put a stop to using killer whales for entertainment in all of their theme parks. People have protested against using orcas for several years. The humane society along with animal activists have tried several times to put a stop against these animals being level. Sea World has been fighting harder than ever these past three years for their own rights to keep the whales. They have finally made an agreement with the Humane Society to stop breeding the whales. They will also put an end to the show Shamu, Shamu Rocks, and Believe. Now the only way to have any interaction with the orcas is to see them through the glass. This is because it is in a more natural environment.

                No orca has been captured in over thirty years. There are currently twenty three killer whales in the three Sea World parks. They are bred, born and raised in captivity. They are raised to be domesticated by Sea World, so they do not know what it is like to be wild animals. It is like any other kind of domesticated animal, such as dogs. Every species was at one time in the wild without human care. God made us to be in charge of the animals. Sea World does not only use killer whales for entertainment, but also education. Before killer whale shows, there were scary movies with them included. People were scared of these large viscous looking animals, when in reality they are, for the most part, harmless.  Orcas are beautiful, gentle creatures. There are no documented records of orcas attacking humans in the wild. They are very intelligent creatures. People now know that these animals are not dangerous because Sea World has showed them how friendly the orcas are. Now when people encounter them in the wild, they will know to stay calm and not try to hurt or run from the animals. Without the shows or interaction with the orcas, people will soon forget these facts.

I believe Sea World loves their animals like family and are trying to provide the best habitats possible. They never captured their killer whales. They bought them and gave them a home after being captured by others. They are happy since they are with their family at the pools. They have forty feet of water to swim down. Yes, this is shallower than the ocean; however, orcas usually stay closer to the surface even though they can swim about three hundred feet down. Orcas travel in large pods in the wild. They do not know the difference in numbers since they live with those they know as family. I understand why people are wanting the orcas banned from Sea World but I do not feel they are thinking about both sides of the story.

Killer whale at sea world

killer whale in wild



souces: Blackfish


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