The Ag Mommy

Hi!  My name is Lisa and I am from a small town in Missouri. My family consists of only 5 family members that include myself, my husband, my two girls, and well…. A baby on the way! We live in a small farm in rural Missouri, but have more farmland outside of where we live. This week’s blog gives you an idea of what a typical morning looks like in my household, hope you enjoy!

Being a mom can have its challenges, but being a mom in the agriculture industry can have its own set of challenges. As a mother, I have to do what any mom does and wake up every morning and get the kids up, help them pick their outfits out, make sure they brush their teeth and hair, fix them breakfast, and make sure they get on the school bus. This doesn’t sound like a different life than any other mom, right? Wrong. Before the routine of getting the kids ready for school, we have to wake up extra early because there are chores that need to be done.

My daughters have to wake up about thirty minutes earlier than normal; this is just to do their own chores on the farm. Both have to feed their baby calves before they get dressed and start getting ready for the day. Sometimes they shake things up and get dressed before they feed, but we try and make sure the baby calves are getting fed at the same time every morning and every evening.


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Feeding baby calves every morning and every evening isn’t too much for my young girls to handle, but sometimes they are faced with challenges because the chores must get done every day at the same time. When sports roll around, such as softball in the summer, they must get their feedings done before they attend any practices or games. Oh yes, they whine and moan because they are ready to play and it’s also ridiculously hot around that time. As a mom, I have to hear the normal bickering and complaining almost every morning and every evening, especially when my girls want to go to a friends’ house to stay the night. They know they must feed in the evening before they leave; sometimes I give in and do their morning feedings so they don’t have to be home at 6:00 am from a friend’s house….it’s just part of letting them still be a kid. We also show calves in the SEMO District Fair, so it is important to feed these calves and feed them well so that the girls can receive prizes on their calves.

Just a glimpse of an average day with the kiddos!






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