Corn, What is it all about?

Seven Isabella Haushahn

I really just thought corn was for feeding humans and animals, but there is so much more that can be done with corn. A total of 60% actually is what goes into food for livestock. There is a total of 6% that is used for high fructose corn syrup. The rest of the corn is separated into a few categories, such as 22% being exported, 6% for ethanol and the remaining 6% goes into other products.This includes our cattle (both meat and dairy), chickens and other poultry, pigs, and other livestock. Today most of us think of just using corn for our consumption and having some in our gasoline. But there are actually over 500 different uses for corn. Some of just the food uses involve canned corn, baby food, hominy, tamales, and so much more. There are many industrial uses too for corn such as being used for filler in many materials, adhesives, explosives, paint, soaps, and much more. Corn is also involved in our sciences today such as: studies on genetics, physiology, soil fertility, and biochemistry.

I did not realize exactly how much corn is used for besides just for our consumption. Corn is in so much of the products we use today that most do not realize it. After looking at all that corn is involved in I definitely have a different outlook on it.

How Stuff Works Corn Crop


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