Dog Training


by: Kiana Fulton


People think that training puppies is hard but it is not. House training would be the first step in the dog training process.  Before a puppy comes home, decide what they can and can’t do. Is he/she allowed on the bed or furniture? Are parts of the house off limits? Will he/she have their own bed or kennel to lay sleep in? Also, teach them daily routines, for instance where their food and water bowls are located. These two things should remain in the same place so the pup can remember.

Pixel Blue Eyes Eating Pinnacle Dog Food - Jenny Lewis

nighty night

When training puppies you have to teach them words, the most two important words they should learn first is “No” and “Good”. No meaning stop what you are doing and good meaning you like what they are doing. These should be started at 2-3 months of age. Praise and correction words will be used to teach other words they need to know. They have to be taught properly, with the right tone of voice and right body language. You must also teach your puppy to respect you as the leader in your home. Without proper respect, your training schedule doesn’t matter because he/she may learn words and routines, but choose not to do them.




At 2-3 months of age puppies should be crate trained, housebroken, accept you as their leader, like being handled, and know the household rules. The crate protects your puppy from household dangers and is an invaluable aid in housebreaking. When he/she gets use to the crate, it will be easy for visiting, trips, or going to the vet. House breaking should indeed begin the day you bring a dog home but puppies do not have reliable control of their bladder for many months. Establishing a pattern for the beginning will cause the puppy to be housebroken as soon as the organs can cooperate.

Whenever your puppy has accepted you as their leader then grooming, clipping their nails become easier, but you have to be gentle with them. They must know not to nip or chew on people’s hands. Also let them know that certain things are not allowed in the house. Like jumping on the furniture, eating things from out the trash, drinking out of the toilet, etc. Training puppies should only be 15 minutes then take breaks in between periods. Once training session ends, end on a positive note by praising the dog, petting the dog, giving him/her a treat, or have play time for a few minutes.





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