Feed Lot Cattle


Joey Hagan


Cattle operations involve many different parts that all have to work together in order to provide for you to be able to make a profit. Once of the most essential parts of any operation would be the corral. Corrals allow for working with cattle much easier for the handlers. Theses allow for the sorting and working with the cattle for treatments, when they need them, much easier. There are many things that make up a corral. These things include your holding and sorting pens, the chutes to send them through and chutes for loading. Corrals have many parts and have to well built in order to hold up. Corrals are made of heavy material in order to hold up with the cattle moving through them.


Corrals are very essential for cattle operations but the feed and medicine is very important as well. There are different ways that feed can be stored, typically in silos and feed bins. For the cattle to feed bunks are used for them to do so. The less expensive way of doing this would be using portable bunks which involve more manual labor to keep them up and running. They have to be kept up with making sure there is feed in them for the cattle and maintenance has to be done so they they are not dangers to the cattle. If your looking for something that would involve less manual labor you can always use mechanical bunks. They are more expensive to get but allow you to not have to worry about them when it comes to feeding. Mechanical bunks are set up to feed at certain times of which one chooses. Water is supplied in different ways but is extremely important to the cattle. The ways that you supply the water all depend on the way you want to set it up. You can use self-feeders in which the cattle can get it whenever. Many are set up to have the water pumped into a large holder where many cattle can drink at once. Making sure that there is always a supply of water ready has to be a top priority. Using mineral feeders, back rubbers, sunshades, creep feeders, and self-feeders are all things that can be found in cattle operations.



Keeping the cattle healthy is important. You have to keep them healthy so that they can grow properly so that the can be profitable to the rancher. Vaccines are needed in order for the cattle to stay healthy. You have to watch for many different things in which you need to be able to recognize nd be able to know what to treat with. There are different types of vaccines that are used to treat different types of illness or health related problems. There are many different things that come into play with a cattle operation but the corral, feeding, and vaccines are three of the most important areas for cattle feed lots. If just missing one out of the three areas a cattle opertation will never be able to even get going. All three are needed so that the rancher has the best opportunity to make a profitable cattle operation.




Grass-Fed vs. Feedlot Beef – What’s the difference?



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