Speed Planting: If you aint first, you’re last


Agriculture in today’s world is more advanced as ever with bigger facilities, outstanding technology, and the constant improvement of the tools and machinery. Seeds are now genetically modified to produce more crops and livestock performance is at an all time high. Needless to say, the agriculture field is booming with new opportunities and trends. Row crop farmers live a jam-packed life throughout a twelve month year. Arguably the busiest (and most stressful) time is planting season. Being sure that all of their seeds are put into the ground at an appropriate time is crucial. Planting season is slow and consists of long hours dragging that planter across the fields. Although it has been this way for many of years, a new technology has been introduced to cut one’s planting time in half: Speed Planting. Speed Planting speaks for itself. Everyone is used to dragging their planters around all spring at 3-5 MPH, speeds comparable to the time it takes paint to dry. Believe it or not, these speeds are a thing of the past. These new “Speed Planters” are rated for speeds of 10 MPH, which is double the average planter speed. This means less time spent in the seat of your tractor and more time spent doing other duties around the farm or with the family.

Speed planting has numerous strengths and selling points. For example, the John Deere ExactEmerge row planter is capable of planting at speeds up to ten miles per hour. This capability is in a class of its own and has yet to be matched. This technology is equipped with Brush Belt Delivery system which is sure to deliver the seeds to the bottom of the newly made trench in the soil. The high performance vacuum meter is great for various seed types, eliminating the need to adjusting different settings. Each unit has seed sensors, which account for each and every seed put into the ground. These key features are almost guaranteed to maximize yield and performance of your crop.

Although producers and manufacturers plan on this technology being used by row crop farmers all over the nation, it has yet to prove itself. Some Farmers who have made a living thus far in life with traditional planting methods are hard to break of their preferred methods that have done them well in the past and present, and do not see why they would not do them well in the future. These types will stay true to long hours during planting seasons and it will stay that way for as long as they continue to do so.

The idea of planting in twice the speed with the same type of equipment proposes a threat. Although the planter itself is capable of traveling faster than most, not all tractors and other types of machinery used to plant seeds are capable of traveling at this speed with an implement attached to the rear.

This new and improved way of planting presents many opportunities of farmers of all types. They can take their most abundant crops and plant them in half the time, allowing for more time to take care of other duties around their farm, business, or families.




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